10 Reasons to Date a Smart, Independent Man

10 Reasons to Date a Smart, Independent Man

The bad boys might be fun and the hot guys might take your breath away, but there’s probably a reason relationships with those types never lasted. If you’re tired of heart-breaks and constant let-downs, let me introduce you to *drum roll please* the Smart, Independent Man! Why should you date this guy, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

1. He knows how to balance his finances

A smart, independent man has at least a basic knowledge of where his money is coming from and where it’s being spent. He’s not the type of guy to blow his latest pay check on a night at the bar only to wonder whether or not he’ll be able to pay this month’s bills. According to researcher Sonya Britt from Kansas State University, couples that fight about money early on in their relationship are more likely to end (or in the case of marriage, divorce). This just goes to show why choosing a financially savvy guy might be more important than you thought.

2. He isn’t afraid to stand up for himself

A smart, independent man isn’t afraid to give his opinion and knows how to hold his own ground. This is great, because if he can do it for himself, he can do it for you too. This doesn’t mean you have to let him fight your battles for you. It just means that you’ll have a fearless partner in crime that always has your back. And who doesn’t want that?

3. He knows how to be humble

Although he’s comfortable speaking his mind, he also knows when it’s best to hold his tongue. A smart, independent man realizes the value in authoritative figures and respects their input. He’ll also never openly boast about his accomplishments or put others down because of them. A humble guy realizes that he isn’t perfect, and he doesn’t know everything. He’ll be more open to your ideas and be more forgiving when you make mistakes. Truly, this is an underrated quality more people need to pursue in a partner.

4. Two words: good hygiene

A smart, independent man is more likely to take showers on a daily basis, brush his teeth, and comb his hair, because he realizes the value in keeping a professional appearance. He understands that keeping up with personal hygiene is important for social, psychological, and health related issues. I don’t think I have to sell you twice on this one.

5. He knows how to be punctual

A smart, independent man is less likely to miss appointments, sleep-in past his alarm clock, or show up 20 minutes late for a date. He knows his schedule and knows the importance of keeping to it. You’re likely to appreciate his respect for your time and so will the others around you. Not only does this make a good impression, but it’ll also minimalize fighting over an easily avoidable issue.

6. He’s comfortable being alone

Of course he enjoys a night out with the guys or a cozy dinner for two, but he’s also okay spending a little quality time on his own. A smart, independent man is comfortable with himself. He knows who he is and has developed his own hobbies and interests. You won’t have to worry about him sitting home bored out of his mind when you go out with the girls, because he already has his own night planned. An extra bonus to dating this kind of guy is that he might be able to introduce you to new activities you’ve never tried!

7. He isn’t afraid of growing up

A smart, independent man isn’t afraid of becoming *gulp* an ADULT. Yes, this type of guy fearlessly treads in the adult realm; a realm that many 30, 40, and even 50 year old men refuse to ever visit. This attribute can take many different forms including, opening and regularly using a savings account, improving his professional skills, education, or resume in order to advance his career, taking on responsibilities such as caring for a parent or other family member, and so on. This is the type of guy that’s going to mature right along side you rather than make you feel like his mother.

8. He has manners

The words “please” and “thank you” are frequently used from this man’s vocabulary. A smart, independent man sees value in the things others do for him. He’s not looking for selfish gain, but rather wishes to openly express gratitude. Using these magic words is a great way to communicate appreciation for one another, especially in a relationship.

9. He’s confident

A smart, independent man has a healthy amount of self-esteem and is comfortable with his mind, body, and abilities. He doesn’t desperately seek assurance from others or second-guess his own decisions. This type of guy is also more likely to accept his own mistakes and learn from them, allowing him to make healthy life adjustments.

10. He knows what he wants

A smart, independent man knows what he wants in a job, in a relationship, and in life. His goal-oriented personality gives you comfort in knowing you two have a chance at the fabled happily ever after. You can rest on the knowledge that he’s not just wasting time, because he’d be going after someone else if you weren’t the one he wanted most.

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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Date a Smart, Independent Man

  1. I definitely love your post about what kind of men that women love to date. It’s nice to read and learn from a woman’s perspective like yourself about what they look for in a man and a relationship. I love your blog, and I have enjoyed every blog post that I have read from you. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

    Now I know what blog I can visit in terms of dating.

    You’re a beautiful woman by the way.

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