Yes, It is OK to Love the Dad Bod

Yes, It is OK to love the Dad Bod

By now, I’m sure that most of you have read Mackenzie Pearson’s Why Girls Love The Dad BodThe article became an Internet sensation in no time seeing as society had quite a lot to say about it. Like myself, many enjoyed the article, including the Washington Post who even wrote in support of this phenomenon (I have a dad bod. Here’s why women love it). However, others weren’t so fond of Pearson’s work, such as Time who claimed the original article to be both sexist and selfish (Why We Accept ‘Dad Bod’ on Rich Men).

Personally, I think the article is fantastic! Pearson wrote with intense honesty that was humorously relatable. I actually laughed a few times and had to nod my head in agreement because her points are so true. Yes, I do love that dad bod, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I’ve dated men that looked as if they were sculpted after Greek gods, but I’ve also been with men that more closely resemble the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Both have flaws and both have benefits. There is no right or wrong body type when looking for a partner, and I feel that Pearson did an excellent job laying out the pros of being with a guy that might not hit the gym as often as he should.

I would never consider this article to be sexist. Nowhere does Pearson talk about the way a man or woman needs to look or should look. She only explains why women nowadays may be more inclined to date a curvy guy. This doesn’t mean that all women find this body type attractive. It also doesn’t mean that women have to look like Malibu Barbie, while men can lay around eating Doritos all day. It’s simply celebrating the average Joe. Sure, this article may have been written from a woman’s point of view about men, but I believe it could also be written the other way around and still be true. Take 5 minutes of your time to go through Craigslist personal ads, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of men searching for big beautiful women.

At the same time, I don’t find this article to be selfish either. Yes, Pearson does point out that one of the benefits to dating a man with a dad bod is that the woman gets to be “the pretty one.” While It may seem a little self-seeking to date a man for this quality, Pearson also gives us a number of other reasons to love this body type as well. It’s easy to see that this superficial perk isn’t the main attraction, it’s just a side bonus. By adding this little bit of realism to the piece, Pearson created credibility and solidarity with her target audience. Plus, this incredibly truthful information made this article just a little funnier and more enjoyable to read.

I encourage everyone to inform themselves on both sides of this social issue. However, I would hope that you would all keep an open mind about the dad bod. Remember that we are all unique individuals with different tastes and preferences. At the end of the day, why should we be so offended that someone has publicly announced reasons to be attracted to a non-mainstream body type? Is it really that big of a deal, or are we making it a big deal because it’s challenging our own thoughts, perceptions, and ideas about what should be considered desirable? Well, I think you all know my answer. Long live the dad bod!

Photo courtesy of Smallworldspictures123 on Flickr. Legal Documentation Provided.

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