20 of the Best Date Night Romance Movies

20 of the best date night romance movies

Grab some popcorn and a cozy blanket because it’s time to get settled in for a night on the couch with your beloved. Here are a few of the best romance movies to choose from for your night in together. Enjoy!

1. The Notebook – Maybe this suggestion is a little cliché, but it really is a good movie. Allie and Noah’s story embodies a modern-day Romeo-and-Juliet pursuit, where persistence and emotional perseverance is rewarded by a lifetime of love despite the difficulties.

2. 50 First Dates – First dates are full of excitement, fun, and potential, but how would you like to go on 50 first dates with the same person? That’s what Henry has to face when he realizes the girl of his dreams has short-term memory loss. This film just goes to show that even the worst situations can be turned into something spectacular.

3. Cinderella – Disney’s version of this tale is unbeatable! Despite everything, Cinderella never gives up on her dreams for a better life. When a proclamation from the castle ordering every eligible lady to attend a ball arrives, Cinderella realizes this is her chance. However, her jealous step-mother and step-sisters have taken it upon themselves to make it impossible for the girl to attend.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Single advice columnist, Andie is writing an article titled “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” In order to fully test her theories about the worst mistakes a woman can make in a relationship, she must date a guy and subject him to madness. Little does she know, the man she chooses for the project turns out to have an agenda himself. Ben must make a girl fall in love with him in order to gain credibility for his newly pitched advertising campaign. This twist of fate takes the two on a journey that will change them forever.

5. Hitch – Dating mentor Alex “Hitch” has agreed to help the less-than-cool Albert win over the heart of the beautiful Allegra Cole. Along the journey, Alex runs into Sara who cannot be persuaded by his game. The two eventually become somewhat of an item until both Alex and Sara and Albert and Allegra hit a major bump in the road.

6. P.S. I Love You – Bring out the tissues because this one is sure to make you tear up. After the death of her husband Gerry, Holly sets out to find herself despite the grief. Gerry knew Holly would have a hard time picking up the pieces though and made sure to set up a series of surprises before his death.

7. What Happens in Vegas – What happens when two strangers accidentally get married on their Las Vegas vacation and win the jackpot? You’ll have to find out in this romantic comedy. Jack and Joy are forced to make their marriage work in order to receive any of the winnings, but the two aren’t about to give into compromise without a fight and a few laughs.

8. Beauty and the Beast – You can never go wrong with a Disney classic. Belle has always been considered the oddball, so it’s no wonder that she finds common ground with her captor, the beast. After finally getting to know one another, the two fall deeply in love. But will the townspeople approve of their newfound relationship?

9. Princess Bride – After losing her true love, Wesley, Princess Buttercup must marry Prince Humperdick. Fortunately, Wesley rises to the occasion in order to save her from certain unhappiness, but will he make it in time?

10. 27 Dresses – Always the bridesmaid and never the bride…that seemed to be Jane’s unfortunate curse. She never really questioned this problem until her sister catches the eye of the man she’s been crushing hard on for years. Now Jane has to find a way out of this never ending cycle before she loses her sanity.

11. Blended – Lauren and Jim have been single parents for awhile and have decided it’s time to start dating again. The two are set up on a blind date only to find that they can’t stand each other. However, Lauren and Jim realize that they’ve both purchased half of the same vacation package and will be spending a lot of time together with their children. Maybe Africa will help the two see that they are truly meant to be.

12. That Awkward Moment – After a rough break-up, three guys make a pact to stay single. Will that status change when they each find true love?

13. The Little Mermaid – Ariel longs to be a part of the human world, and this desire is only heightened when she falls in love with Prince Eric. In order to make all of her dreams come true, Ariel makes a deal with a witch. After trading her voice for human legs, Ariel has a limited amount of time to get a kiss from her one true love.

14. Couples Retreat – Jason and Cynthia have just announced that they have been encountering marriage trouble. In order to deal with the dilemma, the two have decided to go on a marriage counseling retreat located in a breath-taking Caribbean setting. However, the couple can’t afford without the discount awarded to groups of four couples. As a result, they ask their friends to join them on the excursion only to find that they aren’t the only ones with marital grief.

15. Sex Tape – Annie and Jay believe they can rekindle the passion in their marriage by recording themselves. However, when the movie falls into the wrong hands, the couple decide they must embark on a mission to delete it before their reputations are tarnished.

16. Titanic – When wealthy aristocrat Rose falls in love with poor artist Jack, the star-crossed love is eminent. Aside from the crisis of their financial backgrounds, the two are also traveling on the Titanic’s deathly, maiden voyage.

17. Crazy, Stupid, Love. – Every real-life love story has its trials. Cal and Emily have been happily married for years, but a night of infidelity can change that in an instant. Will the couple be able to work things out?

18. A Walk to Remember – You can’t choose the person you fall in love with, even if they tell you not to. Although Jamie and Landon are not a likely pair to get together, the two fall hard for one another. This love story seems to be nothing more than a happy fairytale until Jamie reveals a devastating secret.

19. She’s the Man – After the girl’s soccer team gets cut at Viola’s high school, the brave teen takes matters into her own hands. Posing as her twin brother at another boarding school, Viola joins the boy’s soccer team in order to show that she can make it in the guy’s league.

20. Dirty Dancing – Soon to be college student Frances (aka Baby) falls in love with the dance star at the resort she is staying at with her family for the summer. Her family highly disapproves of the two, but Baby is absolutely enthralled by the handsome young man and pursues him anyways.

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