Creative Bloggers Award

Thank you Orange Shoes Talking for nominating me! I am absolutely thrilled to accept this award!

The rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Flaunt the blogger award on your blog.

3. Nominate 15-20 other blogs.

4. Give five facts about yourself.

My Five Facts

1. I live in Wisconsin.

2. I have a rubber duck collection.

3. I’ve been dancing for years. In fact, I was the captain of my high school dance team and danced on my university team as well.

4. I know how to make balloon animals.

5. I am obsessed with Disney!

Alright, now it’s your turn!

My Nominees:

1. 50(+) First Dates

2. Delightful Oak

3. Girl with a Dragonfly Tattoo

4. Nettie’s 2 Cents

5. Milk and Cigarettes

6. That OkCupid Life

7. Kelz Belz Photography

8. Peace, Love, Write

9. Diary for the Departed

10. Hook & Hobby

11. Notes from a Red Pill Girl

12. Life in Arcadia

13. The Girl in the Little Black Dress

14. Door to Dreams

15. WTF, Cupid?

Congratulations! I think you all have fantastic blogs. I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts!


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