10 Fun Date Ideas

10 fun date ideas

Coming up with new and exciting date ideas can be difficult after awhile. So, if you’re drawing a blank on next weekend’s date plans, here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing again:

1. Painted Twister – Find a white bed sheet, buy paint that matches the colors of the original Twister mat, and put on clothes that you never plan on wearing again. Voila! You have a new and messy version of this classic game.

2. Camp in the Backyard – Don’t have the time or money to plan a camping trip away? Set up your tent in the backyard. The two of you can roast marshmallows by the fire and curl up for a night under the stars.

3. Make a Scrapbook – This is a great way to reminisce over old memories of the two of you. Plus, it’s probably time to do something with all those photos you’ve been collecting.

4. Festivals and Fairs – There are always festivals and fairs going on during the summer months. See what there is going on around you!

5. Volunteer – Giving back to the community can be even more fun if you do it together. Find something that you are both passionate about and sign up!

6. Cook up Something Tasty – Find a recipe you both like and test out your chef skills. Creating something new in the kitchen together allows for more bonding time than a crowded restaurant.

7. Attend a Wine Tasting – There’s almost always deals for wine tastings on sites like Yipit, Amazon Local, or Groupon. Trying something new together can be a fun experience.

8. Start a TV Series – Who doesn’t have Netfilx nowadays? Pick out a series that looks interesting and give it a try. You never know what might get you hooked.

9. Visit the Zoo – Pack a lunch and make a day out of your trip. Don’t forget to take pictures along the way with all of your favorite animals!

10.  Go Dancing – There are plenty of studios that offer ballroom dance lessons. Check Google to see what places are near you. Also, don’t forget to find a dance club where you can show off your new moves once you’re done!

If you liked these, click here for more ideas. Happy dating!

Photo courtesy of morgueFiles.com.

This image has been modified by How to Survive Modern Dating.


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