My Top 6 Favorite Wedding Proposals

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love marriage proposals. Every single one makes me smile! Here are six of my favorite proposals caught on video. Also, make sure to check the links at the bottom of the page if you need tips or ideas for your own proposal plans. The links will lead you to more videos, real life stories, tips, and other planning assistance. Alright, now lets get started with these proposal videos, shall we?

6. Matt and Ginny’s Movie Theatre Proposal

5. Luvabull and Shane’s Dance Routine Proposal

4. Dean and Jennifer’s Year-Long Proposal

3. Levy and Tiffany’s Scavenger Hunt Proposal

2. Nando and Lisa’s Magical Disney Proposal

1. Brad and Emily’s Lip-Dub Proposal (My Absolute Favorite!!!)

Thinking about proposing? Click here to get tips on how to make it special for her.

Need proposal ideas or just want to watch more awesome videos? Click here!

Image courtesy of Mark Guim on Flickr. Legal Documentation Provided.


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